1. What are website cookies?

A cookie is a textfile, that will bring new opportunities to the website to store and access information left by visitors. As a startingpoint, cookies will be used in order to understand the behavior of the users, they are also used in order to make the website personal. Wether this is through targeted marketing or to be able to view the contents of your shopping basket.

The purpose of cookie legislation

The purpose in notifying the user of the cookies use, is first and foremost to protect the privacy of the users and ensure the continued trust of the user to the website. Regulations about cookies have been cemented strongly, in connection to 'Privacy Act'. The notification of cookies is as of today, a requirement on my websites.

Who is the subject of the cookie legislation?

All websites of Latvian origin, or based in Latvia are bound to abide by the cookie legislation. If cookies are being used on a website it is a requirement to notify the user, as well as obtain the consent of further use. 

2. Regulating cookie legislation

Business agency is continuing in regulating the cookie leglislation and will check new and old websites on how they comply with the legislation. As well as, the effort of the company or website owner in informing their visitors of the use of cookies, as well as the importance of using cookies due to the structure and design of the website. 

How is the regulation being operated?

  • A constant update from the Business agency about the contents and requirements in the cookie legislation.
  • Doing campaigns of information, directed to businesses and website owners.
  • Focussing on companies and website owners, where focus on complying to the cookie legislation have been subpar.
  • If a breach in the cookie legislation will happen, the company or website owner will be held liable through the compendium of cookie legislation.

Takeout, will go to great lengths in order to inform the users of our portal about our use of cookies.


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